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Data Protection Policy

The internet user who accesses the website does so anonymously and is not registered by the company. The user preserves his anonymity throughout the process of searching for information on the website and his personal data are not registered at any time.

Although the preceding, the company uses user identifiers (cookies) on our website to collect information on the use of the page, such as the server to which the user's computer is connected, the type of search engine (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) or how the potential client was aware of TaxienRoses. We use this information exclusively to improve our marketing actions and the personal data of the internet user are not included among the information captured.

In response to a request for quotation of a transfer service by a potential customer, we can ask for some of your personal information such as the email address and the credit card number in order to send communications, register in our website or for the eventual realization of agreed charges. We may also use this information to communicate to the customer offers that may be of interest to you. When the user of the website becomes a customer, we can use the data provided during the booking process to communicate future promotions and offers.
By entering into a contract with us, you implicitly authorize TaxienRoses to use your personal data for the provision of the requested service, to ensure the correct billing of the service and to help us identify future services that may be of interest to you. . These offers will be sent to you by e-mail and may have their origin in the information you provided during the initial contact, in surveys, in information regarding purchase preferences and lifestyles as well as in information available from authorized external sources or companies. Marketing. These offers are sent directly by email in a format compatible with the information retrieved from the customer's email (HTML, graphics, etc.). The captured personal data is stored in automatic files protected by the company. These files are communicated to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. The company can use this information with the general objective of measuring the reaction and customer satisfaction with the service provided.

Although we do not communicate the email address of our customers to transport partners, in certain cases we can act as intermediaries by forwarding offers from these third parties to the customer's email. In the event that a person becomes a customer of a third party transport operator, this transport operator may send offers and promotions to that person directly. If this person wants to stop receiving these emails, they should contact the third party operator directly. Our objective is to provide the client with the receipt of promotional information from a third party operator that is in the client's interest, and this contact will be subject to the strictest security controls and confidentiality of personal data. If you wish to stop receiving these communications simply send a request by email to the company. As an alternative option you can follow the procedure described in our website and in the offers that we send by email.

In accordance with current legislation, you have access to your personal data that appear in our files. If you believe that the information about you that we have is incorrect or incomplete, send us a written communication to TaxienRoses. The company will correct the errors immediately. You can also send us a written request for cancellation or to exercise the right of opposition.
Please keep in mind that other web pages that you may access through ours may have confidentiality conditions different from ours. We are not responsible for the conditions or content included in any other website.
Any change in the policy of processing personal data and confidentiality will be immediately reflected in these General Conditions so that the client is correctly informed and can react in the appropriate manner.